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TenuYah! Moving and Dancing the Jewish Soul,
with Carole Forman

For all who yearn to join movement to Jewishness, to link body and soul: Carole Forman is founder of TenuYah! and is doing workshops and classes around NYC and throughout the US, such as "Moving and Dancing the Jewish Soul" or the intoxicating "Holy Fun for Purim," or the passionate "Deep Shabbat."

You don't have to be a dancer or have any past experience moving. Carole gets every soul expressing itself from a deep heart-place, blending dance, movement, improv, sound, chanting, and meditative motion. She uses text, prayer, mystic ideas and holiday themes as jumping off places for exploration. And she uses ravishing Jewish and world music that is irresistible. You can contact her to arrange for programs or to get on her mailing list by connecting with her at Carolefor@msn.com.