The Contents of A Person Is Like A Tree



A Date for the Agricultural Calendar

Why was This Date Chosen?

The Development of a Holiday


Major Themes 

Mysticism and Nature

Renewal and Rosh HaShanah

Human Actions Affect Nature

Holy, Meditative Eating	

The Land of Israel and the Garden of Eden

Mysticism and Redemption

Four Questions About Tu BeShvat

The Spiritual Aspect of Fruit and Fruit Trees

The Two Fruit Trees in the Garden of Eden

 The Cosmic Tree of Life

The Tikkun (Repair) of the First Sin

Why Do We Eat Many Fruits and Nuts on Tu BeShvat? 

A Day of Judgment for Fruit Trees

A Tale: A Debt of Gratitude

Fruit for Praise

The Fruits and Grains of Israel

A Fruit You Have Not Tasted This Season

A Tale: The Fruits of the Righteous Are Their Deeds

The Feast of Fruits in the Coming World

A New Year for Trees and People

 Hiddushim: "New Fruit" of Torah Insights

A Tale: Meditation on an Apple

A Tale: Eating a Leaf

Four Worlds and Four Categories of Fruit

Fruits with Shells

Fruits with Pits

Fruits That Are Totally Edible 

Fragrant Fruits

Perek Shira (The Book of Song)

The Dance of Tu BeShvat

Wine at the Tu BeShvat Feast

The Spiritual Aspect of Wine

Mystic Joy on Tu BeShvat

A Tale: The Baal Shem Tov About Joy on Tu BeShvat

The Four Cups of Wine

The Colors of the Four Cups of Wine

Holy Eating and a Holy Meal

Three Seders

A Tale: A Holy Meal in a Sukkah in Tiberias

A Table Before the Lord


Gazing and the Spiritual Essence of Food

A Day for Gazing at the Wonders of the Creation 

  and Thanking the Creator

A Tale: The Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Yaakov Koppel	

A Meditation on God's Presence


Blessings as Meditations

Eating Meditation

Lessons From Trees

Hope in Difficult Times

To Tend the Garden

Four Anecdotes About Reverence for Plants

Micah's Fig Tree

The Delight in Celebrating Tu BeShvat 

God and Beauty

After Blessing

Concluding Thoughts



Fruit for Thought from the Torah and the Rabbis

About Fruits in General

From the Torah

From the Rabbis

About Specific Fruits or Nuts: 

	the vine (grape and wine), fig, pomegranate, 

	olive and olive oil, date, nut, 

	citrus (orange, grapefruit), apricot, 

	peach, carob, apple, etrog.


Shorter Teachings

When You Care for a Tree, It Gives Good Fruit

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

The Fruit of Our Labor

Faith and Labor

Absorbing the Waters of Torah

The Sap of Faith

The Sap of Life and Joy

The Three Parts of the Tree

The Power of Jewish Roots

Unity in the Root

The Humility of Seeds and Roots

Seeds and Faith

The Taste of the Fruit

The Taste of the Rind and the Fruit

Patient as a Fruit Tree

The Seven Species of Fruits and Grains

Walk in His Ways

Fruits are the Main Thing

Tu BeShvat and the Full Moon

A Time of Renewal

A Tale: Renewing the Old

Renewal in Nature, Renewal in the Soul

Renewal and Blessings


Educating Them to Perfection

O Tree, With What Shall I Bless You?

A Blessing Fulfilled

Stars and Fruit Trees

Tu BeShvat, Purim, and Passover

Adam's Holiday

Adam and the Fruit of the Future


A Parable: Fruit and Forgetfulness


The Element of Pleasure

Indexed Teachings

1. The 15th of Shvat Date and the Rains

2. Tu BeShvat, Nature, and God 

3. What is a Fruit?

4. The Two Trees of Torah

5. Even a Poor Person

6. Two Judgments: Tu BeShvat and Atzeret (Shavuot)

7. A Prayer from P'ri Aitz Hadar

8. The Garden of Eden and the Land of Israel

9. A Day of Joy for the Land and People of Israel

10. Fruits from Israel

a. The Holiness of Fruits from Israel

b. A Tangible Memorial of the Land

 c. A Tale: Learning their Importance

11. The Fruit of Piety

12. The New Year of the Trees and Rosh HaShanah

13. Torah Renewal

14. A Tale: Ten Points in an Apple

15. Shabbat Shira

16. The Four Cups: Four States of Elevated Consciousness

17. Red and White Wine

a. Gevurah, Hesed, and Rahamim

b. The Baal Shem Tov's Praying

18. Tzedaka Customs for Tu BeShvat

19. An Example of a Meditation for God's Presence

20. An Example of an Eating Meditation 

21. Choose a Worthy Teacher

22. The Lunar Eclipse

23. Alive in Two Worlds

24. Fruit for the Redemption

Longer Teachings

Tithes, Orlah, and Firstfruits

The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil


Infusing Spiritual Energy into Fruit

More on the Four Worlds

The Four Letters of God's Name

The Four Worlds When Eating

The Kelippa

Outside and Inside: Shell and Pit

Even the Kelippa is Good

Negative and Positive

Getting Close to God: Exercises in Developing Resolve

How Many Fruits to Eat?

Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav

The Fruit of the Womb

A Different Tu BeShvat Each Year

Rabbi Nachman's Resting Place

Teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

What the Earth Says to the Seed                             

The Difference Between a Vegetable and a Tree

About the Etrog

A Prayer of Rabbi Hayyim Yosef David Azulai

A Tale: A Dream of an Etrog

Beautifying the Mitzvah

A Tale: Under Lock and Key

A Tale: Poison!

About the Carob

A Tale: The Carob's Name

Olive Oil and Date Honey

More Wine: "Who is Good and Does Good"

Laws Concerning Blessings Over Fruit

The Botany of Fruits

Fruit Structure

 Fruit Types

The Adaptive Value of Fruit Types


The Gift of Fruit 

Fruit and Forgiveness

The Baal Shem Tov and the Orchard in Winter

Israel Lacks Nothing

Inexpert About Wines

Love for the Fruit of the Land

The Bitter-sweet Pomegranate

The Kotzker and the Gerer

A Blessing Even in a Time of Darkness

Fruits for Healing

Divine Protection

Two Apples

The Banana Stand

Planting in Fear and Trembling

Appendix: Preparing for a Tu BeShvat Feast 

Items to Buy and Prepare




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