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Reb Yitzhak Buxbaum’s
“Serach at the Seder”
Haggadah Supplement

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Dear Friend, I am seeking donations to subsidize publication of my “Serach at the Seder” Haggadah supplement, coming out in time for Passover. It is highly interactive, beautifully illustrated, and guaranteed to enliven your Seder.



CoverI’ve discovered something about Serach bat Asher’s incredible connection to Passover that will make Jews around the world, especially women, dance for joy. And I believe that during the coming years this exciting revelation will change how the Passover Seder is conducted.  Serach bat Asher is an extraordinary and mysterious Jewish woman, who lives forever like Elijah, and if invited, will visit our Seder table. 

Please make a generous donation to bring this into the world.
With Passover approaching there is limited time and space available in the booklet for dedications.





Donations / Dedications:

  • Benefactor: $1,000 - $500, 1/4 page. 8 available
  • Sponsor: $250, 1/8 page.  8 available
  • Contributor: $180. One-line dedication.  10 available
  • Supporter: $100. Your name is included for a blessing. 20 available


How to send your donation:  Click on the PayPal donation button
Or:  Reb Yitzhak Buxbaum, Serach, 189 Atlantic Ave. # 2D, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Prices for Serach at the Seder
Buy copies for your home Seder, congregation’s Seder, and encourage friends to invite Serach to their table by using this addition to the Haggadah.

  • INDIVIDUAL:  A single hard copy: $18 (chai) including postal costs
  • HOME SEDER:   Downloadable PDF and print up to 20 copies.  $54 (3 X chai)
  • CONGREGATIONAL SEDER:  Downloadable PDF to print up 100 - 200 hard copies (or as many as you need). $180 (10 X chai)

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Praise for Serach at the Seder
We used your Serach piece at our Seder. We made a skit out of it, with the children participating, one as the young Serach, one as the old Serach, one as Yaakov Aveinu, etc. It was tremendous! It's amazing that you thought of a way to bring something new and authentic to this millennia-old ceremony! The refrain, ‘I was there,’ made the whole Pesach story come alive.” 
Sara Yoheved Rigler, author of God Winked and contributor

 “I think you have done a magnificent job with "Serach at the Seder." Yashar Kochecha! I love the Midrashim about Serach and love what you have done with them here, wonderful liturgy.”
Rabbi Jonathan Kliegler, Woodstock Jewish Congregation, NYS

 “Reb Yitzhak, we used it at our Seder!! It’s a gevalt. I loved it"
Rabbi David Ingber, Romemu, NYC