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The Jewish Spirit Journal
A Journal of Jewish Mysticism and Spirituality
Vol. 1, No. 7
Table of Contents


1. The Importance of Devotion and Fervor
2. Not a Moment Without Prayer
3. Faith in Every Jew
4. You Too Can Be Great!
5. Hold the Stick at Both Ends
6. I'll Show You!


1. Intentions for Dancing
2. Reb Maita
3. This World and God
4. Holy Beggar
5. Becoming Angels
6. Hasidot
7. Smallness and Greatness


1. On His Way to Heder
2. How to Pray
3. Even the Horses
4. Asking for Blessings
5. Loud Blessings
6. His Real Mother
7. The Fires of Gehinnom
8. The Main Joy of a Holiday
9. Rabbi Eliyahu Roth, Zeviller Hasid
    a. How to React When Things Break
    b. In Refuse and Trash for the sake of God
    c. Aleph-bet
    d. Thanking God at Every Stage
    e. A Praiseworthy Yeshiva

10. An Opportunity
11. God's Mysterious Ways
12. Blinded 13. Forbearance


1. Cleaning the House
2. With Soul
3. A New Path in Tshuvah
4. Learn Gratitude from a Chicken
5. Pray the Whole Day

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