The Jewish Spirit Journal
A Journal of Jewish Mysticism and Spirituality
Vol. 1, No. 10 October 2005



1. Meditation and Prostration

When Rebbe Yitzhak Eizik of Komarna said the morning blessings at dawn in his home, between every blessing and the next, and between the first word of every blessing Baruch and the second word Ata, he meditated for about 15 minutes. Then he sung Ein Keloheinu and Aleinu L'Shabeach; when he reached the words "and we bow," he would bow and prostrate flat on the floor, like on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. While prostrate, he would say the Shema Yisrael and seven times Adonai Hu HaElohim and conclude with: "God of Abraham, god of Isaac, God of Jacob, God of Israel-- He is my God, my God and my Father; to Him I prostrate!"

We too can do practices like this; and then we too will get somewhere spiritually. (Shalshelet HaKodesh Komarna, p.387)

2. Praying That Our Blessings Be Fulfilled

Like other hasidic rebbes and tzaddikim, Rebbe Baruch of Komarna gave blessings to those who came to him. Afterward, he occasionally broke out in weeping as he prayed that his blessings be fulfilled. (Shalshelet HaKodesh Komarna, p.558)

The Rabbis say that one should never disregard the blessing of an ordinary person, and some of us who are ordinary have learned to offer blessings, when appropriate, of success, health, and good fortune, to those we encounter. We can learn from Rebbe Baruch to pray afterward that our blessings be fulfilled.

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