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The Jewish Spirit Journal
A Journal of Jewish Mysticism and Spirituality
Vol. 1, No. 8
Table of Contents


1. To Repair the World
2. The Sign of the Cherubim
3. How Could They Sing at the Red Sea?


1. A Place in the World
2. What Remains
3. The Greatest and the Smallest
4. Praying to a Cat
5. In Sequence
6. Only Holy Words
7. Imperfect Angels
8. Pressure to Donate


1. Believing and Not Believing
2. The Patient in the Next Bed
3. Restraint
4. Self-Esteem
5. Devotion to Tzedaka
6. Bubba Tzippora of Kossov
7. Never Get Angry
8. A Good Night's Sleep
9. Holy Sleep
10. The Prayer-leader
11. Continue Sinning!
12. Comedy Saves from Death
13. If Not for the Joking
14. A Good Silence!
15. God's Decrees
16. You Try!

Copyright 2004-2005, Yitzhak Buxbaum. All rights reserved.